Autumn holidays

Autumn holidays are nearly over now. The days were exciting and full of friends and visitors.

Miss Venus stayed over night with her best friend for the first time. She was so proud of it. And I was much less nervous than when Mr Moon-Junior stayed with a friend over night for the first time. Apart from that, Miss Venus is still very stubborn and has problems to control her pi.

Mr Moon-Junior spent most of the days with friends, going to the theatre and to a farm with his after-school-group. He also enjoyed our guests from Teltow and Berlin.

First of all, Family R came from Teltow. The boys and the girls went along with each other very well. Mrs R was so nice and helpful and interested in everything.  We went to Holtenau to visit the the lock to the North-Eastsea-Chanel. It was exciting for the boys, but boring for the girls. Poor girls, they were just too young.

Then Family F came from Hamburg. They were really interested in our new home. Mr Moon-Junior was on the farm that day, so Miss Venus and I had to entertain the visitors. We made a pizza together and then went to the school playground.

Finally Family K came from Berlin. We went to Laboe to visit the submarine. It was beautiful on the beach and I enjoyed it. But it did not enjoy some speechless moments. Why do I take my time to spend some days with them , when they don’t want to talk to me? Why could they not show any interest in our new home? They only expected to be served like in a hotel. I did not appreciate these visitors.

Mr Jupiter left for a conference in Moscow last Tuesday and will now be in Munich until Friday. I like being my own boss 🙂

Über msgoingtomoon

I am: -> Mother of two kids (Mr Moon-Junior and Miss Venus) -> married to Mr Moon -> mainly a single mother, because Mr Moon is working in Munich at the moment -> a teacher -> working in home office or at school -> interested in music, sports, books and arts -> singing in a choir -> not always patient -> able to shout and to whisper -> ....? Just ask at
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