My 38th birthday

Well, that’s three days ago now, and it was the rainiest birthday I can remember. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that peaceful day.

My „birthday“ actually started when I returned from the cinema Friday night. My Miss Venus was sick and vomitted all night long until four in the morning. She was in my bed, so we both hardly slept that night. We were all tired that morning and I was not in the mood to „celebrate“ my birthday.

In the morning, A came with F and B and little F played a song on her violin. Later my friend U came over. The little Miss Venus did not like any visitors that morning and gave commands all the time.

I got some nice presents, but most of all I enjoyed the peace and silence of a rainy day.

Mr Moon-Junior spent nearly all day with friends from the neighbourhood.


Über msgoingtomoon

I am: -> Mother of two kids (Mr Moon-Junior and Miss Venus) -> married to Mr Moon -> mainly a single mother, because Mr Moon is working in Munich at the moment -> a teacher -> working in home office or at school -> interested in music, sports, books and arts -> singing in a choir -> not always patient -> able to shout and to whisper -> ....? Just ask at
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