My question today is: why do students cheat?

A simple question demands an easy answer: they want to achieve good marks. Some do not want to sit and think for a long time, although it will take some time to search and copy a text from the internet. Some students are not only lazy, but also stupid. They think the teacher won’t know anyway. But most of the teachers find out when a students cheats.

But sometimes students do not understand that the teacher found out that they cheated. They try to convince the teacher that they worked on their own and wrote their own texts, although we can easily find those texts in the internet or in other sources.

The quick and easy access to internet makes it easy for students to cheat and maybe the internet sometime provides a inviting opportunity to copy out and paste in your text files. Well, I am not saying that students cheat more because of the internet. Cheating has always been a problem and will always be, I suppose. It is just so easy with the internet. And some students still seem to think that teachers do not have any access to the internet, which is not true any longer.

So, what follows from that? We all who use the internet should beware of copy rights, especially when working with the internet.

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