Remembering Nov 9th, 1989

Well, everyone is remembering what he or she did twenty years ago – and so do I.

I was just 18 years old in November 1989, attending a German „Gymnasium“ in Hamburg.

For some reason I was late in bed that day – I think we had a rehearsal for a theatre project two days later. I used to write my diary before going to bed and listening to the radio for some time. Around 10p.m. I listened to the news and learnt that the border was open. I was excited and of course I could not sleep for some hours. I had two pen-friends in East Germany at that time. I think I tried to write both of them immediately.

On the next day, Friday, Nov, 10th, I went to school as usual. I had two lessons in history that day: We talked about the opening of the border and its consequences all the time! One of my fellow students suggested that there would be a German unification. I could not imagine that step so fast. And I was overwhelmed by the power of being „eye-witness“ of a historic process.

In the afternoon we had another rehearsal and all those of us who were not due on stage watched TV all the time. For some reason we managed to present a good performance – although I can’t remember what it was exactly.

And what did you do? Please leave a comment, if you wish.


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