Our New Neighbours

Two weeks ago, our new neighbours moved in. Well, at least they have three daughters, but the youngest is 19 years old. They also have a dog that is nearly blind and deaf and 14 years old. Everybody should feel pitty with that dog, but it smelled our guinea-pigs right away. I am not sure, if I like that. Apart from that, they are the only neighbours who say „Sie“ instead of „Du“ as all the other neighbours do.

Über msgoingtomoon

I am: -> Mother of two kids (Mr Moon-Junior and Miss Venus) -> married to Mr Moon -> mainly a single mother, because Mr Moon is working in Munich at the moment -> a teacher -> working in home office or at school -> interested in music, sports, books and arts -> singing in a choir -> not always patient -> able to shout and to whisper -> ....? Just ask at http://www.formspring.me/msgoingtomoon
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Eine Antwort zu Our New Neighbours

  1. Mo schreibt:

    Do I smell „Babysitter“? 😉

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