First Snow

Today it snowed, and snowed, and snowed…
So, in the afternoon we (the kids and I) went to the park to go sledging. It was GREAT! Although, the wind blew the snow directly into our faces, the kids went down hill and up the hill again and again. We remained in the park until it was dark.
I just hope that it will stay cold and that we will have a „white Christmas“. I can’t remember when there was snow on Christmas…
I only can remember it snowing on or around New Year’s Eve.

The only thing I am worried about are our guinea pigs. They are still outside – and alive! But the water freezes usually during the night and we are supposed to give them new water several times a day. Of course, we have prepared the hutch against wet and cold weather, but it is the first winter the pigs are supposed to remain outside throughout the winter.


Über msgoingtomoon

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