Opening Secret Santa’s parcels

Today is the day: we can finally open the parcels Secret Santa sent to us!
The kids were really excited and so we started right after breakfast. Both parcels were really big and promising.

Miss Venus was the first to open her parcel. She found in her parcel
– many different felt tips
– a mandala coloring book
– a pair of colourful socks
– some biscuits for the family
– and some sweets for Mr Moon-Junior.
As you can see on the pictures she had to try on the sock right away: these socks fit exactly! I don’t know if she will take them off at all. So, Silke and Nele, we thank you so much!!!!

Then it was Mr Moon-Junior’s turn to open his parcel. And what shall I say? He was as happy as Miss Venus when he saw the contents of his parcel:
– a great book about Football (I had to read it to him immediately!)
– a Play/mobil figure
– shower gel (for future football players…)
– some sweets
– a card game for Miss Venus
– and yes, the little bottle is for the parents, of course!
Well,zaraffel, we thank you so much for this great parcel. The football book is just GREAT!
Please, have a look at the photos to convince yourself:

And last but not least, we would like to thank Tanja for organizing all this Secret-Santa-business! You did a GREAT JOB!!! Thanks a lot and we hope to participate next year again.

Über msgoingtomoon

I am: -> Mother of two kids (Mr Moon-Junior and Miss Venus) -> married to Mr Moon -> mainly a single mother, because Mr Moon is working in Munich at the moment -> a teacher -> working in home office or at school -> interested in music, sports, books and arts -> singing in a choir -> not always patient -> able to shout and to whisper -> ....? Just ask at
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4 Antworten zu Opening Secret Santa’s parcels

  1. tanja schreibt:

    Oh wie schön! Dann haben Eure Wichtel ja genau Euren Gechmack getroffen! Wunderbar!

  2. zaraffel schreibt:

    das freut uns genauso riesig das das fussballbuch so viel freude macht, auch wenn junior noch nicht lesen kann. aber bis zur schule ist es ja nicht mehr lange.

    schöne weihnachten wünschen wir euch !
    lg Jana

  3. Silke schreibt:

    Wie schön, daß Euch die Sachen gefallen und wir Miss Venus eine Freude machen konnten 😉
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Silke

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