Day 12: A book that a friend recommended to you

As I mentioned before, a lot of books are recommended to me by my friends. For example, in our reading circle we suggest books all the time. But usually, these are not my favorite books.
Here I would like to mention one book that my best friend recommended to me some years ago: „Der letzte Weynfeldt“ by Martin Suter.
This is a sort of crime novel about Adrian Weynfeldt, who sells Art. Some parts are really strange, and of course I do not live in surroundings like the one M. Suter describes in his novel.
This novel was my first novel by Suter. Since I have read it, I really like reading novels by Suter. The latest one I’ve read is „Der Koch“ – a novel about a minimalistic chef with some aspects of crime and suspense.
Alright, I should finally explain that my best friend is from Switzerland, therefore she likes her fellow country man Suter.


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