Day 15: The 4th book on the left in your shelf

So, which shelf shall I look at? Of course, I have several book shelfs and some of these are even packed with two rows of books. Therefore, I have decided to choose the fourth shelf from top which is labeled „various literature“. In this shelf the fourth book on the left is „Beste Jahre“ by John von Düffel.

John von Düffel is born in Göttingen in 1966 and works now as a writer and dramatic adviser at various German theatres. The novel is rather autobiographic and describes a couple that expect their first child. Both parents are older than fourty and occupied by their jobs. So, there are different problems to be solved on their way to be parents. The novel is written with a lot of humour and I laughed a lot when I read it. Although, I have to admit, I read the book when I had just experienced the growing of a family. I am not sure, if I liked the book in the same way today, some years later.


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Eine Antwort zu Day 15: The 4th book on the left in your shelf

  1. nantik schreibt:

    *staun* Der von Düffel schreibt auch Romane? Siehste mal, ich kenne nur seine Theaterstücke. Da muss ich mir doch gleich mal den Roman besorgen…. Danke für den Tipp!

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