Day 18: The book with the nicest cover

The book with the nicest cover is in my shelf, but it does not really belong to me – it belongs to my kids. This book is:
Das große Märchenbuch!

This book does not only have a very nice cover, it also contains very nice illustrations to 100 of the most famous fairy tales in the world. It is just very big and heavy! Thus, it is not really comfortable reading this book in bed, where I usually read.
Even though this books belongs to my kids, I am the one to read this enormous volume to them. I myself like fairy tales a lot and I hope my kids will like them, too.


Über msgoingtomoon

I am: -> Mother of two kids (Mr Moon-Junior and Miss Venus) -> married to Mr Moon -> mainly a single mother, because Mr Moon is working in Munich at the moment -> a teacher -> working in home office or at school -> interested in music, sports, books and arts -> singing in a choir -> not always patient -> able to shout and to whisper -> ....? Just ask at
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