Day 27: A book with a main character who is your „idol“

So, I will try to continue this project of „31 days – 31 books“. Unfortunately, I had to stop in the middle of nowhere, because I had too much to do at school: writing reports, having endless meetings with colleagues, organizing final sessions before the summer holidays and so on.
But the other thing that made me stop writing about books is that I do not really know what to write to this task: a book with a main character who is my „idol“? I don’t know if I really have an idol. What is an idol? Someone to look up to, someone who impresses or influences you, someone you adore and you want to resemble. Maybe there are even more aspects to the theme „idol“.
Usually, I adore people I know in reality. But what about „someone you want to resemble“? Yes, I have to admit, there is a character I have always wanted to resemble when I was a child: her name is (or better: was) Laura Ingalls. She is not only the author, but also the main character of the series „Little House“ (in Germany well-known as a TV-series called „Unsere kleine Farm“). When I was a child, I always wanted to be like Laura: open-hearted, outgoing and responsible for many things in her surroundings. I liked her attitudes and her way of behavior, although she lived in the 19th century, 100 years before me. And yes, to some extend I can still understand, why I wanted to be like Laura, but today I have found myself and therefore I only want to be myself!


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